Big Dream, Even Bigger Reward

March 4, 2020

WHILE the world is sleeping, Jordan Checker is wide-awake researching materials, sourcing suppliers…

WHILE the world is sleeping, Jordan Checker is wide-awake researching materials, sourcing suppliers and learning about various online business structures.

Each time he stumbles across a thread he likes, marketing technique that peaks his interest or supplier offering a good deal, his dream of launching a clothing label becomes more vivid.

Jordan has been working tirelessly on concept designs for a new clothing line that will blend fitness and lifestyle pieces with a twist of his own personal style.

While the brand is still in its infancy, it will be unlike any other on the market.

“It is very fresh in the works and at such a young age, I have a long journey ahead researching the ins and outs of business, as well as sourcing suppliers and so on,” Jordan, 18, said.

“My idea going forward is to develop a clothing brand that builds a family of motivated individuals to dream big, soak up the journey and make the world a better place for us all.

“Despite the ongoing rise of brands such as Gymshark, Alphalete and Live Fit, I see a great opportunity to develop stylish fitness wear that moulds urban street wear with fitness clothes.

“We all know in the day and age we live in that everyone wants to look stylish, even when training.”

Jordan began his fitness journey about three years ago. He was still in high school and started working out in a gym environment to compliment his javelin training.

He dabbled with dumbbells, barbells and a mix of machines, taking a liking to strength and conditioning. In 2018, he became a member at The Gym Glenelg and hasn’t looked back since.

Being immersed in the fitness industry through his daily training, Jordan’s passion for stylish and comfortable activewear has grown tremendously over the last 12 months.

This, coupled with his desire to wake up every day with clear intention and doing something he loved, was the catalyst for his first business venture.

“I love the reward of working so hard for something, and seeing the journey and the results at the end,” Jordan said.

“The world we live in displays the outside of a person and makes it seem as if everyday is a great day and nothing goes wrong. But it isn’t like that.

“Almost everyday I have thoughts of not being bothered but it’s the love for what you do that keeps you in it. For me, I love what I do – and that’s what makes the hard times easier.”

Jordan has also dreamed of being accepted into college football (gridiron) in the USA, and going on to play in the NFL.

“Whether this becomes a reality or not, I know I want to be in full control of my life – whether it be through running the clothing business, online coaching or some of my many other endeavours.”

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