October 20, 2020

How I turned my story into a career

I was inspired to try and do something about the fact that suicide is the #1 killer of people aged 15-44 and accounts for three times as many deaths in men as it does women.

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BODYATTACK and RPM are back!

We are excited to announce that BODYATTACK and RPM will be returning to our Group Fitness timetable…

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Trust The Signs & Your Gut Instinct To Ask, ‘R U OK?’

This year’s message for R U OK? Day is ‘There is more to say after R U OK’. In learning how we can better support those around us, we aim to empower each other with the tools to continue the conversation after asking ‘R U OK?’

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With everyone facing heightened levels of uncertainty and stress right now, nurturing our mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever. So, what’s the best approach?

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Australian Scientist Professor Rob Newton has spent years testing exercise prescriptions on the chronically ill and believes that exercise, not bed rest, is the answer. He explains the role of exercise in countering colds, cancer and COVID-19, and shares learnings from his time as an elite sports consultant for the Chicago Bulls.

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COVID-19: Combat Stress and Anxiety with Exercise

With so much of the world in lockdown, anxiety is a natural response. Regular exercise will go a long way towards helping.

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Cycle classes are back – Introducing SPIN45!

CYCLE CLASSES ARE BACK – INTRODUCING SPIN45! We are excited to announce that…

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Stage 3 Easing of Restrictions

We are so excited to announce that with the further easing of restrictions,…

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Reopening Phase 2

We are so excited to announce, as of Friday 19th of June we…

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Reopening Plan

Dear TGG Members! We are so excited to announce that we will be…

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