Closure faq

The South Australian Government has directed for gyms to be temporary closed effective from 11:59pm Monday 19th of July until Friday 23rd of July (subject to change in accordance with SA Government direction throughout the week).

Who can I contact via customer service after close on July 19.
We are required to adhere to the government imposed regulations and will temporarily close from 11:59pm Monday 19th July. We will have a very limited staff working to assist with your enquiries, to reach us, please email

Will I still be charged for my membership when you are closed
No, all memberships have been placed on a complimentary suspension, and no fees will be charged until we return to business.

What happens if I made a gym payment from July 19 onwards?
All memberships have been placed on a complimentary suspension. Membership payments are made in advance, therefore, any membership fees that were paid between July 12 – July 19 are now in credit for the days pre-paid when we reopen.

Did you close due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in your gym?
No – As a result of a directive from the South Australian Government, effective 11:59pm, Monday 19 July 2021 at standard close of business, all gyms will be closed. This is an industry-wide shutdown, not specific to The Gym Glenelg.

Can I still get into the gym to get my things from my locker?
No – As a result of a directive from the South Australian Government, effective 19th July 2021 all gyms will be temporarily closed at midnight.

How will I find out when you are able to re-open?
When there is a directive from the government that we can reopen, we will be sure to let you know through our website, social media channels and other forms of communication.

What does this mean for my membership?
Your membership has been put on suspension free of charge. We remain committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting our members during these challenging times.

Will my membership fees be put on hold?
Yes, your membership fees have automatically been placed on hold. You will not be debited any fees until we are ready to welcome everyone back into our gyms.

What happens if I had a debit 19/07/2021?
As the government announced the closure of SA gyms after billing commenced, your membership will be placed in credit.

When will clubs reopen?
The South Australian State Government has provided us with a 4 day temporary close period, however, this may be subject to change based on the health advice from the South Australian Government. We will provide member updates via email and SMS as they are provided.

What happens once I’ve reached my annual suspension limit?
As this is an unprecedented time, all memberships will continue to be on hold without fees until we can reopen.

I joined on a prepaid membership, how will this affect me?
Don’t worry, the automatic suspension on membership means we will hold the remainder of time you have left on your upfront membership and you will be entitled to that time when we are open again. For example, if you still have 6 months remaining, we will freeze your membership and you will still have 6 months remaining when we reopen.

Will this affect the duration of my contract?
Your membership terms will remain the same, the length of time you have remaining will begin again once the physical club opens back up. For example, if you have 3 months remaining, your membership will be on hold and you will have 3 months remaining when the club reopens.

Can I cancel my membership?
Your membership has automatically been placed on a complimentary suspension, and you will not be charged any fees until we are able to welcome you back into your local club. If you would like to cancel, please email or wait to speak to one of our friendly staff upon reopen.

What happens if I requested to cancel my membership prior to the announcement on July 19?
If you requested to cancel your membership, this will have been actioned by our admin team, as per your membership term. For further information, including billing details please email

I have booked PT sessions, what should I do?
Please speak directly to your Personal Trainer about any services they can offer you during this time.

When will you be open?
As this closure is a directive from the South Australian Government, we will not reopen until we have a directive from the South Australian Government..

My bank details have changed during the closure, how do I update them?
Your membership has been put on a suspension free of charge, to update your bank details please email