Jimmy Smith – An Interview

March 4, 2020

The Gym Glenelg members might know myself as a resident Personal Trainer, but…

The Gym Glenelg members might know myself as a resident Personal Trainer, but most probably aren’t aware of my background – the reason I spend a lot of the year overseas.

In 2014, I began training in mountaineering, specifically high-altitude mountaineering. And two years later, I became part of a joint American-British expedition to Mt Everest.

Base Camp was home from April to June and my team would make regular acclimatisation climbs up the mountain in near-isolation when compared to the images the world was exposed to through the media this year. The team would climb during the still of night when the temperatures were at their lowest to lessen the chance of deadly avalanches.

All was moving well until I developed Pulmonary Edema and began to vomit blood at high altitude. The expedition was over for me, however the season continued with the team’s would-be success, but also the inevitable death that occurs on such mountains.

Fast-forward to 2019 and I have continued climbing mountains around the world. The allure of Everest remains, but it is the ultra-technical, remote high-altitude mountains in Pakistan and Central Asia that I am most excited about. In the world of true mountaineering, you don’t earn respect by climbing Everest. It is other peaks that demand that title.

I have now turned Everest and mountaineering into a business. Since 2016, I have used my friendships in the mountaineering world to launch my own business. Now, I host annual expeditions to Mt Everest and every season take groups of trekkers right to Base Camp for the ultimate holiday experience.

This year, I am again coordinating several climbers to make their own attempt on big, risky mountains. My success is just a true indication that doing what you love the most is the key in business.

Recently, I tackled the corporate market, concreting plans for the next chapter of the business. High-flying CEOs now have the ultimate character building and mental resilience retreat possible.

I am excited to share that I have purchased an online media outlet, which has become the direct go-to for global mountaineering news and correspondence. At the peak of the season, my team will be responsible for informing the world of success, world firsts, rescues and so much more. Unfortunately, my lips are sealed for the time being, but there will be plenty more detail about this venture in the months to come.

I am also running an expedition to Everest Base Camp in 2020 and 2021. Several members of The Gym Glenelg have already joined my team, but there are several positions still available for both years.  If trekking to Everest Base Camp has been on your bucket list, I would love to talk you through the adventure.

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